INNOVATION in Industry™

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INNOVATION in Industry™ is a series developed by the folks at Sustainability Television. The series is designed for both web and cable tv broadcast, and takes viewers from the boardroom to the field showcasing industry leading companies that are implementing new technologies, creating jobs, profitability, and eco wins in every industry.

A subsection of the INNOVATION in Industry™ series is the 2015 INNOVATION in Industry™ Eco-Innovation Demonstration House/ mobile office. This super energy efficient building industry research and education initiative has taken our team to many cities, enabling us to film INNOVATION where it happens!

In the INNOVATION in Industry series we have a number of Industry leading organizations that are assisting us to help tell many of the amazing stories of INNOVATION that are currently going untold.

Participation in the series is not predicated on a financial contribution of any kind. However, many companies choose to support our project with their advertising dollars, some participate with product sponsorship, promotional videos, and still others are looking for direct community exposure by having their corp. logos added to our F-450 truck (much like a NASCAR, or Formula 1 race car driver has corporate sponsors).

For more information, or to become a series sponsor, contact us directly via the links provided below:
The INNOVATION in Industry™ series: (Under Revision)
The 2018 Demonstration House Project: (Under Revision)

Whether sponsoring an individual episode, or the entire series you’ll receive:
• consulting designed to help add to your bottom line(optional).
• tailored video for use on your website.
• wide exposure on Sustainability TV, Social Media, & potentially Cable tv.
• Sponsor Products / Services appear predominantly in series.
• Viewership Marketing geo-coded to your location.
• Local, National and International Media Coverage.
• Inclusion in Press Releases and Collateral Marketing.
• Newsletter & Tweets to 35,000+ followers.
• Project Web Site includes Sponsor Logos and links.

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