Schneider Electric is leading the Digital Transformation of Energy Management and Automation in Homes, Buildings, Data Centers, Infrastructure and Industries. Schneider provides integrated efficiency solutions, combining energy, automation and software. In their global Ecosystem, Schneider collaborates with the largest Partner, Integrator and Developer Community on our Open Platform to deliver real-time control and operational efficiency. The INNOVATION in Industry™ series highlights many industry leading initiatives – here are a few examples of how Schneider Electric solar business is providing energy industry leadership:

CHALLENGE: Limited access to electricity with severe impact on living standards

SOLUTION: Continuous electricity access via decentralized mini-grid power generation

Kigbe is a suburb located in the Kwali local government in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. It is situated 27km from the existing grid infrastructure. Prior to this project being commissioned... READ MORE

CHALLENGE: Rolling blackouts and general grid instability

SOLUTION: Secure, reliable off-grid independent community energy solution

At a time of rolling black-outs on the South African electricity grid, AdSolar was tasked with designing a power solution for 11 new homes in a luxury estate development in the Upper Highway area of Durban’s western suburbs... READ MORE

CHALLENGE: Immature digital system monitoring mechanisms

SOLUTION: Digitized smart PV plant

While the PV inverter market is relatively mature, the digitized PV industry is in its infancy.  A digitized smart PV plant provides several distinct benefits including: improved monitoring and information to operators, higher energy yields, lower failure... READ MORE

With global presence in over 100 countries, Schneider Electric is uniquely positioned to help communities make their energy systems more safe, reliable, and efficient. The solar business of Schneider Electric has a strong heritage in solar power conversion and best-in-class energy management expertise, our technology is powering photovoltaic systems all over the globe. With a comprehensive portfolio of balance-of-system solutions for solar and energy storage including power plants, grid-tie string inverters, and off-grid and battery backup, we are a bankable partner you can trust – for the long term.



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