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When it comes to hauling heavy loads, investing in quality equipment is very important. There is nothing worse than getting halfway through a job and having to stop working to fix your trailer. The last thing you want is to be stranded in the middle of nowhere with a broken trailer trying to figure out how to move your cargo to another hauler and get your job done.

Quality equipment means having a quality trailer and with Big Tex Trailers, that is never a problem. Since 1982, Big Tex has led the trailer industry. Recognized as America’s number one professional grade trailer company for over thirty years, our Northeast Texas business provides customers with innovation, value, and the highest quality when it comes to our hauler. Those admirable traits are what makes us leaders of innovation in the trailer industry.

Manufacturing heavy duty, high quality trailers, we understand the rigors that our units are put through each and every day. Since 2010, we have expanded our manufacturing to Idaho, Oklahoma, and Georgia, making us the only nationwide distribution in our industry.

Our company has invested tens of millions of dollars in automated assembly line systems and robotic welding/cutting to ensure repeatable quality construction and best-in-class paint finishes for our trailers. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians has also designed the optimal trailer for maximum payloads and strength. Using high quality parts such as Dexter axles, LED lights, high tensile steel, etc. our trailers are guaranteed to outlast any others.

Our company manufactures over 50,000 units per year and specializes in offering the Best Trailer at the Best Price. With our current production capacities, Big Tex boasts the industry’s best lead times and is America’s leader in heavy-duty equipment hauling.

A good example of this is the gooseneck trailer. Big Tex manufactures over 10,000 goosenecks a year, and when it comes to hauling anything over 10,000lbs, gooseneck trailers are your “go to” haulers. Take our 22GN for example. These trailers weigh between 5,800 – 7,800lbs and can carry a GVW of 23,900lbs. That’s the equivalent weight of a school bus or small mobile home!

Our 22GN HD series is equipped with a low profile platform in addition to the industry’s only adjustable suspension and can be used to move anything from tractors, heavy equipment, and cars to helicopters and much more.

Made with American Hi Tensile steel, all of our goosenecks come with a wide variety of options as well. With decks for the neck, LED lighting, underbody tool boxes, a variety of color choices, and other options, our goosenecks are the best in the business.

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Big Tex’s products are consistently regarded as the best trailers in the industry. Our units are constructed from the best parts and components due to our unmatched knowledge of our market. Not only do we understand our customers, we use trailers every day so we know what it means to have a trailer that works while you drive, work, or even play.

Our investments in automation and engineering have resulted in the most efficient assembly line in the industry and have kept us ahead of the competition.

As a manufacturer, we offer our dealers all the resources necessary to grow their businesses. Here at Big Tex Trailers, we continue to lead the industry in innovation by providing dealers access to the nation’s largest inventory, the industry’s most diverse product, unsurpassed features, and more. As a Big Tex Dealer, you will have access to the industry’s shortest lead times, process, and resources that allow our trailers to be a household name.

Understanding and listening to what our customers are looking for has allowed Big Tex Trailers to grow faster than any other trailer company in the industry.

And now, we are proud and honored to say that Big Tex Trailers has teamed up with the INNOVATION in Industry series to sponsor their project by donating a 22GN trailer w/ Mega Deck. As a leader in Innovation in the trailer industry, Big Tex wants to help promote technological innovation, sustainability, and triple bottom line wins for business in every industry.